Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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Salam all,

Pre-Order dari Rome, Italy

9 November 2010

- pilih beg atau item yang anda berkenan. Kalau ada code atau link website lebih baik.
hantarkan email pada butik.hs@gmail untuk pertanyaan
* I need 70% from total amount, balance once ur item reach Malaysia.

* Email me your order with
- your full name
- your address number
- your phone number
- item's name, style/model and website

100% payment before you get ur item.
* Full amount will be refunded in case the goods are not available.
Open until slots are full before 9th November 2010
Arrival of items : 15th November 2010

enquiries & quotations!

***Harga LV dah naik :((
Source: PARIS, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Louis Vuitton (LVMH.PA) has raised prices for monogram handbags and other leather goods considered classics by up to 9 percent in the euro zone, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday. The move reflects the rise in raw material prices such as leather and cotton, the source added. "The increase will be of between zero and 9 percent, depending on the bag," the source said. Louis Vuitton, which contributes half of LVMH's operating profit, also lifted prices, by 2 percent, in July. LVMH shares, which rose as much as 2.43 percent after the news, were up 2.25 percent by 1441 GMT. The price rise comes two weeks after Louis Vuitton decided to close Parisian shops an hour early to conserve stock ahead of the Christmas rush. Louis Vuitton shops make up a significant portion of the French brand's western European revenue. Analysts said the price increase was also probably intended to close the gap between Asian prices and European prices. "They (Louis Vuitton) admitted last week they had a pricing gap problem, with Japan and China too high vs Europe," said luxury goods analyst Luca Solca at Bernstein in London. Louis Vuitton declined to comment.

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